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iNanny in the media

For those who want to know more: here you will find some interesting press and media reports about iNanny and LEOWORX GmbH, which we have collected for you.

When children disappear without trace

In Germany alone, every year approximately 50,000 children are reported as missing. Usually only for a few hours or days. For parents, this is always a seemingly endless period of uncertainty and worry. Thanks to iNanny many parents can now breathe a sigh of relief.
The statistics are shocking: “According to the German Federal Criminal Police Office, 518 children aged 13 and under, and 1,315 young persons between the ages of 14 and 17 are missing at the present time,” reported the major German weekly DIE ZEIT on 11th September 2007. Many of them ran away from home because of boy or girlfriend trouble, bad marks at school or difficulties with their parents. Some had just lost track of the time. Others simply disappear without a trace on their way to school, to the shops or to visit friends. Around 150 cases a year remain unsolved. In these cases the police have to conclude that the children have been the victim of a crime or have had an accident. For the parents, their child’s disappearance is the start of a time of deep anxiety. They not only have to deal with the fear that something has happened to their child, they are also plagued with self-reproach: could they have watched over their child better?

Support for responsible parents

It is at this point that the idea of iNanny emerged. This GPS assisted positioning system makes it possible for you to locate your child to within metres. Anywhere in the world, at any time and within a few seconds. Via the internet and even via a mobile phone. iNanny automatically informs parents if their child leaves a pre-defined area it is allowed to be in, and also warns them if they are moving uncharacteristically fast. For example, if their child has been abducted in a car. Furthermore, iNanny can be used as an emergency mobile; it has a panic button which will send a message to up to four numbers, and much more.

“iNanny provides responsible parents with the ability to keep a closer eye on their children and to protect them from danger,” comments Ralf Kiehne the Managing Director. This relatively young company was founded by highly experienced experts from the GPS sector and it hopes to establish its so-called ‘tracking systems’ like iNanny widely in the European market.

It offers many advantages over children’s mobiles

Ralf Kiehne is convinced that this new technology will catch on quickly, “It’s true that many children’s mobiles have a special positioning function, but these are mostly only accurate to within 500 metres. That is the area of an entire housing estate.” iNanny offers more advantages than just its positioning capabilities to within a few metres: the device itself is no larger than a matchbox, it weighs no more than 75 grams and is easy to use even in a panic situation. In addition, it costs less than most children’s mobiles – not to speak of the running costs. The charge for the basic locating and notification functions is only 10 euros a month. “This is considerably less than a comparable contract for a child’s mobile, which can also incur additional high talk charges,” emphasises Ralf Kiehne. To sum up: iNanny is probably the best, and at the same time also the most cost effective solution currently available to give parents peace of mind, and children a considerably higher level of security.

iNanny – GPS positioning systems for children

“INanny doesn’t simply look cool, it’s simplicity itself to use. It has one great advantage over the current mobile phone positioning systems: thanks to GPS technology, the iNanny transmits much more accurate details of its location. Even when the iNanny is hidden in a jacket pocket or satchel, parents can still look up its exact location, in real time, on the internet – and at any time. The tracking function will also show where it has been.”

Austria, 15 February 2009


The electronic nanny always on hand

“iNanny is not simply a passive tracking device; it can also be programmed with four telephone numbers which, in an emergency, can be called at the press of a button. It has a battery life of up to five days. Leoworx currently have three models available.”

Austria, 24 February 2009


Our nanny is electronic

“In addition to the iNanny family already mentioned, there is also the iNanny multiuse for tracking objects, for example valuable luggage or bicycles. And the iNanny car looks after your car.”

Austria, 24 February 2009


A GPS positioning device the size of a matchbox

“It is a GPS positioning device the size of a matchbox weighing no more than 70 grams, combined with an online service. It allows you to pinpoint the whereabouts and route of the wearer, on the internet or via a mobile phone. You can also request e-mails or SMS messages to be sent to you when the wearer leaves a pre-defined area, or presses the integrated emergency call button.”

Switzerland, 06 February 2009


Big Brother in the trouser pocket

“If you feel the need to know where your children are at any given time, then the German manufacturer Leoworx suggests that you place a small device in their pockets which will track them via satellite. This way you stay in contact with them in real time, and receive information about their whereabouts, via a telephone or computer. It can even let you know at once if Junior is moving faster than usual.”

France, March 2009


iNanny, so you never lose touch with your children

“The iNanny service provides permanent tracking via GPS/GRPS. What happens is that a signal is transmitted direct to a mobile phone (via SMS) and/or a PC connected to the internet ... iNanny can be hidden in sports bags, satchels or in clothing. It has an emergency call button, and always remains invisible and effective. In emergency situations, it can also be used as a mobile phone to dial pre-programmed numbers.”

France, March 2009


The best from the Mobile World Congress

“Another highlight was the iNanny, a small GPS positioning device developed by the German company Leoworx. Placed in children’s pockets, it prevents them from losing touch with their parents.”

Chile, March 2009


Alarmed, but mobile

“iNanny provides information about the location and movements of children via SMS...”

Spain, March 2009


The spy in the jacket pocket

“[...] like RTL’s well-loved Super Nanny, ‘iNanny’ will also keep a close and attentive eye on the children. [...] And of course it follows that you can use the device for other purposes too. On the dog’s collar, for example. The possible applications for this positioning device, which weighs no more than 70 grams, are numerous and varied.”

Germany, 10th March 2009


Trust is good but certainty is better

According to a radio report on a public broadcasting station: “You should look at it in this way: parents set an area with certain boundaries on the computer, and as soon as the child leaves that area, iNanny raises the alarm. And directly to the parents, via SMS. [...] The manufacturers emphasise the peace of mind this offers parents.”

Germany, 5th March 2009


A nanny

“The iNanny GPS positioning device shows parents where their child is at any given time. The child needs only to wear or carry the device, which weighs a mere 70 grams, in a satchel, for example. [...] If the child leaves a pre-set area, then thanks to iNanny’s inbuilt mobile phone SIM card, a SMS message is sent automatically to up to four mobile or landline numbers.”

Germany, 2nd March 2009


The electronic nanny is always there

“Leoworx currently offers three models. In addition to the iNanny family mentioned already, there is also the iNanny multiuse, for tracking objects, for example valuable luggage or bicycles. And the iNanny car will take care of your car.”

Germany, 24th February 2009