Why choose iNanny

Good reasons to choose iNanny

Satellite positioning using GPS technology offers many advantages, and it already has a long-standing proven track record within the commercial sector. iNanny's technology now offers the same security to the private sector.

All-round security – not only for children

iNanny is available in different designs. Specially designed for tracking people, pets, vehicles or anything else that you love or value. Discover more about our attractive models.

Main functions of iNanny

  • Speed control
    iNanny pays attention to any speed limit. If speed limit is exceeded, iNannys sends a message up to 4 email addresses and/or mobile numbers.
  • Position status request via mobile
    Each mobile, registered on the iNanny portal, can request the position of iNanny by sending a SMS.
  • Safety zones
    iNanny pays attention to any safety zone, no matter size or shape. These safety zones can be active at any time. A message from entering or leaving the safety zones is sent up to 4 email addresses and/or mobile numbers.
  • Live tracking
    Live tracking on Google Maps.
  • SOS function
    By pressing the SOS button, a SOS message is sent up to 4 email addresses and/or mobile numbers.
  • No contract commitment

Things to know about GPS assisted positioning systems

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