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What can iNanny do for you?

This modern, multi-functional GPS positioning system will impress you with its versatility.   

Three way security – and not just for children

iNanny is available in three different designs. Specially designed for tracking people, pets, vehicles or anything else that you love or value. Find out more about our attractive models.

iNanny near you

Do you wish to know where you can purchase iNanny? Here you can find a list of specialist retailers.

A wide variety of functions for greater security

iNanny offers a wide range of options for watching over children conscientiously:
  • You can define a secure area where you know your child is safe – e.g. in school or at a friend's house.
  • A warning signal is sent to you when your child leaves this secure area or the iNanny needs re-charging
  • You are able to locate your child in real time and to within a few metres.
  • You can track where your child has been, at a given time within a specific period. So you can, for example, set a new secure area.

Reassuringly easy-to-use: how to operate it

There are three easy options for establishing the whereabouts of any family member who is carrying the iNanny:

Online at
Once your device has been activated, you will find here all the information about its location, in real time, and you can easily adjust the settings to suit your personal requirements. Warning messages are sent to you via email.

Using your mobile
You can opt to have information about its location sent to your mobile via SMS.

About our hotline
As an optional extra you can also direct your enquiry to one of our members of staff on the telephone. Our hotline is manned seven days a week and 24 hours a day.