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iNanny app
iNanny app makes your smart phone to your iNanny.
Through the connection with the comfortable and easy-to-use iNanny portal in the internet, the iPhone is becoming a full-fledged tracking solution. With the iNanny app the iPhone is communicating its position in intervals, that you can set yourself to the iNanny portal. Safety zones and speed limits can be set in the iNanny portal. The iNanny portal sends automatically an email to up to 4 email addresses, when entering or leaving a security zone or when exceeding a speed limit.
Of course, all the positions of your iPhone are stored for long periods and can be represented on Google Maps in the iNanny portal at any time. Also, a live display of the iPhone in the iNanny portal is easy.

  • live representation of the position in the iNanny portal on Google Maps
  • saves routes and speeds, anytime avaiable in the iNanny portal
  • adjustable tracking interval
  • safety zones as polygon or circle
  • automatic notification when
  • leaving or entering safety zones or exceeding a speed limit to up to 4 email addresses